Pointillism by Glenn Sanford
"There is nothing in all the world more beautiful
or significant of the laws of the universe than 
the nude human body.  In fact it is not only among
the artists but among all people that a greater appreciation
and respect for the human body should develop.
When we respect the nude we will no longer have any shame about it."
 - The Art Spirit by Robert Henri
Click the link below to see the drawing Nashville City Limits develop from concept to completion.

Figure - Click the image for a larger view

The nude looms universal throughout
the history of the arts. The opportunity
to preserve your image in this intimate
and personal art form is rare.
Semi-nude and nude drawings by
commission must be of yourself,
your partner or spouse.
All models must be 21 or older.
Confidential consent forms must be
signed by model.
"Nashville City Streets" original pen & ink drawing
Nashville City Streets
"Silent Moments Remain" original pen & ink drawing
Silent Moments Remain
Old Mirrors, Reflections and Reality
Dressing for the Mardi Gras Queen's Return
The nude looms universal throughout the history of the arts.
The opportunity to preserve your image in this intimate and personal art form is rare. Semi-nude and nude drawings by commission must be of yourself, your partner or spouse.  All models must be 21 or older. Confidential consent forms must be signed by model.