Art by Mississippi Artists
Art by Glenn Warren
“I find it’s not the blank canvas that is intimidating but the excitement of creating something from that empty space. I have always envisioned what the painting will look like. In my mind, it will be the very best picture that I have ever done but when the process of painting is done and I have time to take a good hard look I immediately realize I have fallen way short of my own expectations. That’s what keeps me painting – hoping the next one will be (in my opinion) my very best. I believe if I keep painting I will keep learning… then who knows…”

Glenn Warren was born in central Mississippi, on May 11, 1935. Through frequent childhood contacts with lakes, rivers and woodlands of Mississippi he developed an early interest in and respect for the natural world around him.  He also discovered and began to develop his artistic talents.  His only access to the world of art was through illustrated monthly magazines and a wonderful Methodist Minister's wife who was a gifted artist and teacher.  His first interest in drawing birds occurred in the third grade when his city cousin moved back to the country. His inherent drawing ability was always encouraged. After high school, he studied art in San Diego and the University of Southern MS. He has logged in 50 years of honing his craft in commercial and fine art.

In 1991, the Leigh Yawkey Woodson Art Museum included his "Black Swan" painting for their prestigious annual "Birds in Art" exhibit. In 2005, his painting “Got Ketchup” of sparrows and spilled French fries toured with the exhibit as well.  
Glenn became disinterested in entering juried shows so he began painting the things he loved to paint which relieved the pressure of painting what might be accepted.  A comment heard recently was "I just didn't have the fire in my Gut".  This pretty well sums things up for him.  The joy of being accepted into a show had lost its excitement.  He still is very much excited about painting and hopes his final brush stroke will be in unison with his last breath.

Glenn’s paintings are in the permanent collections of Mississippi Museum of Art, Cottonlandia Museum, Smith Robertson Museum and a number of private collections.

He retired from Mississippi Educational Television as Art Director and now resides in Madison with four dogs and a parrot named Chico.  Glenn continues to paint the subjects he loves, scenes that usually include animals or birds.

"After the Storm" acrylic 30" x 24" framed; 24" x 18" image
"Barn Swallow" egg tempera 22" x 22"
"Barred Owl Waiting for Dinner" gouache 18" x 24"
"Cabbage and Sparrow" watercolor 30" x 21"
“Carnival Vendor” acrylic 16” x 12”
"Chickens" acrylic 24" x 30"
"Colt" acrylics 24" x 24"
“Crow” acrylic 36” x 36” gallery wrap
“Kookaburra” acrylic 16' x 20”
"Hungry Raccoon" acrylic 36" x 24"
“Kittens and Hummingbird” watercolor 27.5” x 16”
“Never Far from Mama's Touch” gouache 18” x 28”
“Red Amaryllis” watercolor 17.5” x 27.5”
“Red Onion” watercolor 8” x 12”
“Sparrows at Rest” gouache 16” x 21”
“Study of a Baby Jay” acrylic 18” x 18”